ISU-Ilagan Campus Joins Fight Against COVID-19; to Produce Face Masks

[ March 21, 2020 ]

To contribute in the fight against the spread of COVID-19, ISU-Ilagan is going to produce face masks through its garment production center, according to a news article published by the Newsette publication.

Being the center of garments production in the University, the campus shall manufacture washable masks to help address the dearth of face masks in the locality.

A dread of the spread of highly contagious novel coronavirus has prompted people to buy face masks in sheer volumes, leaving its supply scarce not just in the province but in the entire country.

According to the news report, these face masks are to be made of “breathable polywoven material that can be rewashed multiple times and reused up to 30 times until their colors start to fade”. Meanwhile, the sewed plain white face masks could be “washed and reused many times” [more].

The masks to be produced by the campus shall be given out free of charge primarily to Persons Under Monitoring (PUM) and Persons Under Investigation (PUI).

By: Romel R. Costales, Ph.D. ]