Office of the University President

Message from the President

 The Isabela State University (ISU) envision as one the leading Research University in the ASEAN Region by 2024. Focused with its vision, the University has endeavored to be faithful in its mission to develop globally competitive human, technological resources and services through quality instruction, innovative research, responsive community engagement and viable resource management programs for inclusive growth and sustainable development.

It capitalizes in educating and training the students to become competent professionals who are equipped with the appropriate knowledge, values, skills and technology needed to help improve the productivity and the quality of life.

In doing so, the University’s Instruction, Research & Development, Extension & Training and Administration, has adopted the strategic goal of “strengthening research culture, foster excellence and leadership for academic advancement and sustainable countryside development.”

In 2018, ISU has gained grander achievements, which sets a perceptive course for the university’s response to evolving development needs and materializing its vision. Highlights of these achievements illustrates ISU’s commitment to One ISU for Quality and Relevance.


Endeavoring to implement universal access to quality higher education, the university is determined to contribute and make quality education accessible to all who have the motivation to become learned, skilled, productive, innovative, and valuable members of society.

In confirmation, ISU is recognized as one of the top ranking SUCs in the country. ISU is committed in subjecting its program offerings to accrediting agencies to foster quality, transparency and excellence. Moreover, ISU was awarded Center of Development in Agriculture, Information Technology and Education.

ISU also delivers globally engaged education programs, such as Cultural Exchange and Learning Express Programmes, with Temasek Polytechnic and Singapore Polytechnic. It develops global awareness and intercultural understanding, and develop the skills that the students need to be successful, interconnected, active and informed global citizens.

Performance in the board examinations is viewed as one of the measures of the quality of a program. ISU place its mark to various licensure examinations surpassing national passing rates and providing topnotchers.

Research and Development

In order to contribute towards the attainment of the University vision and mission, as guided by its core values, University R&D has adopted the strategic goal towards bolstering research culture, excellence and leadership through innovative leading research initiatives.

The University as a Higher Education Institution is deemed as a generator of knowledge and technology. ISU has developed 21 research centers involved actively in the conduct of basic, strategic, applied, technology development, technology adaptation and integration, social science and higher education research.

In 2018, ISU R&D strengthens research management through improved coordination in planning and programming of research activities that generated over 84 million worth of funds from various external research funding institutions locally, nationally and internationally.

Institutional mechanisms for technology transfer of mature technologies developed by the University were promoted through the establishment of technology ownership and intellectual property right regimes for the protection of the creative works of scientists and researchers in the University. The University was able to obtain 18 Intellectual Property Registration, classified as 2 patents and registered copyrights, 3 utility model, 8 industrial designs and 5 trademarks.

Extension and Training Services

The ISU has maintained strong programs for extension and training. It has gained positive and satisfactory reputation with regard to its program innovation, community engagement and management.

It is further intensified by its strong leadership not only in the region but also in the national and international networks for extension support, thus hosting the 2nd Philippine Association of Extension Program Implementors, Inc. International Conference & 6th Biennial Convention & General Assembly Meeting.

It has established strong collaboration and networks with other agencies in extension and training initiatives and forwarding sustainable community engagement services which is ably reinforced by the university strong culture of research and innovation.

Administrative Services

Our administration is banking under a distinctive style of leadership marked with integrity, goodwill, respect, and harmony to make ISU as one of the leading state universities that adhere to good governance. This guiding principle directs ISU crafts its Strategic Development Plan 2024 in building a inclusive, resilient, and sustainable university.

We continued to deliver on our climate commitment, ISU is a recipient of Performance-Based Bonus for the past six years, recommended by the Inter-agency Task force of the government. In terms of infrastructure, the university were able to appropriate around 160 million pesos from GAA funds.

Support for internationalization efforts ranks high on the list of the University’s top management. The university have forged numerous Memoranda of Understanding among foreign partners.

Today, ISU stands as a respected partner of development in the region and with the dedicated commitment of its top management, faculty, support staff and stakeholders, the future will see the University soar to even greater heights.

University President