R.A. 9184

Functions of the BAC

      Shall have the following functions : advertise and/or post the invitation to bid, conduct pre-procurement and pre-bid conferences, determine the eligibility of prospective bidders, receive bids, conduct the evaluation of bids, undertake post-qualification proceedings, recommend award of contracts to the Head of the Procuring Entity of his duly authorized representative.

BAC Secretariat

      To assist the BAC in the conduct of its functions, the Head of the Procuring Entity shall create a Secretariat that will serve as the main support unit of the BAC. The Head of the Procuring Entity may also designate an existing organic office within the agency to serve as the Secretariat.

The Bids and Awards Committee :

a.) reserves the right to reject any or all bids;
b.) waive any defect or formality;
c.) declare failure of bidding if there is prima evidence of any prohibited act which restricts, suppresses or nullifies any or all bidding procedures to the disadvantage of the government;
d.) assumes no obligation whatsoever indemnify the bidders(s) for any expense that they may incur in the preparation of their bids; and
e.) to accept only such bid(s) established to be the most advantageous to the government.